FA Level 1 out fielders
FA Level 1 goalkeepers
Emergency aid
Safeguarding children

Playing Experience Youth
Clerkenwell Colts
Highbury and Hornsey Hawks

Playing Experience Senior
Bridge FC (Islington Midweek League)
Murcureal FC (Islington Midweek League)
Three Compasses (Hackney Marshes Sunday League)
Leyton FC (Ryman League)
Amersham Town (Spartan South Midlands League)
Wodson Park (Spartan South Midlands League)

Team supports
Arsenal FC
I’ve always been a goalkeeper through out my football life except to the odd occasion playing centre back or up front, but my true love is goalkeeping.
Never had proper goalkeeper training as a kid growing up, all it was, was myself in goal getting shots fired in at me trying to dive around saving them.
It wasn’t until I joined Leyton fc did I start to get any kind of goalkeeper training. But even then it wasn’t fully explained to me.
It wasn’t until I found out about the goalkeeper development centre did I find somewhere that I could train weekly on just goalkeeping.

It was in the summer of 2011 that my eyes were really opened to goalkeeping. After being bugged by Lee Heywood to do my FA level 1 goalkeeping, that I truly learned the reason why and how to make correct saves and teach the correct methods while coaching, after passing the course.

Also in the same summer I spent a week up in Stoke, doing a week’s intensive training with the Bolton Wanderers first team goalkeeper coach Fred Barber. Needless to say it was the hardest goalkeeper training I have ever done.

To continue playing as well as improving my coaching knowledge and qualifications.

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